Pro Deo et Patria

“Greg Amundson’s lifestyle and way of coaching were one of the first I’ve ever known of to encompass a true holistic approach for the mind, body, and spirit that welcomed everyone in.”

— Brian MacKenzie
Bestselling Author of Power – Speed – Endurance

“Greg Amundson is a spiritual warrior, built like a brick castle, and carries God in his heart.”

— Dan Brule’
Bestselling Author of “Just Breathe” and World Renowned Breathwork Master

“Greg Amundson teaches an important lesson for all those who walk the Warrior’s path: A strong person must also learn how to strongly love. Greg is not only an athlete, he is at heart a warrior.”

— Mark Divine
Commander, US Navy (SEAL Team 17) and New York Times Bestselling Author of “Unbeatable Mind” and “Kokoro Yoga”

My mission is: “To be a man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22). 


Love God with all your Heart. Believe unconditionally in yourself and the ability of others. Pray always, breathe deeply, seek solitude with Jesus. Fight the good fight of faith. Apply character traits mastered in the gym to life: Purity – Truthfulness – Courage – Persistence – Virtuosity – Service – Willpower – Shalom. Be Humble. Encourage Others.