Over the past 38 years of my life, God has provided me some immense learning opportunities. Although I may not have been able to learn the lessons on their first iteration, God is gracious in that He continued to provide me with circumstances which fostered a greater understanding and dependence upon His Word. Here are a few of the major insights I feel super compelled to share through my lectures and books:

  • Our thoughts and words are REAL! Every thought we entertain, and every word we speak, has creative and manifesting power. Through the Holy Spirit, activated through our spoked word, we have the ability to co-create with God.
  • What we focus our attention on will INCREASE in our life. This is why Christ taught, “Seek, and your will find.” Our eyes may see, but our mind perceives: Ultimately, we always retain the ability to choose what we think about the circumstances of our life. The most important use of our attention should always be reserved for God.
  • God is desirous of our time. Just like any worldly relationship, God wants our undivided and focused attention. By, “Seeking first the Kingdom of God” we gain peace in our lives, and allow His grace to surround us. In the presence and Kingdom of God, we can actually do less, and accomplish more.

Begin today to foster a more disciplined use of your thinking and speaking. Devote at least twenty minutes each day to simply “being in the presence of God.” Bring no agenda before His presence. Simply sit in silence, and allow His grace, mercy and peace to envelop you. As you spend time in the presence of God, you will notice your mind will be restored, your spirit lifted, and your perspective enlightened.