In the famous words of my dear friend and mentor, Coach Greg Glassman, the founder and CEO of CrossFit, I feel it’s only fitting to commence the launch of my new “Greg Amundson Show” with an official countdown ….. 3-2-1 GO!

Episode One of my new show, called “The Power In Your Mind” is scheduled to officially debut on April 2, 2017. Subsequent shows will air on the first and third Sunday of every month for the remainder of the year. I’ve included below my introduction to the show, and a preview of all the exciting topics we will be exploring during the first season. You can preview the very first episode both on YouTube and as a Podcast. I am really looking forward to providing you with education and inspiration, to help motivate you to achieve the life you were born for! Enjoy the introduction, and I’ll speak with you again on April 2.

~ Greg Amundson

  • Introduction to Episode One – Season One [Podcast]
  • Introduction to Episode One – Season One [YouTube]