The Ocean

I’ve always felt at home in the ocean, and love the sport of open-water swimming. There’s something magical about exercising outside, in the sun, especially in Maui!

Maui Police Department

I had an awesome day training with these warriors from Maui Police Department during the CrossFit Law Enforcement Application Course. I love the “Aloha” spirit these Officers brought to the course, and their commitment to developing a strong mind, body and Spirit....

Courage Wolf

In the Book of Hebrews it says: “Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith.” My dear friend Mark Divine has been an instrumental leader and mentor in my life. He...

Stillness in Nature

Meditation Gardens, Encinitas, CA. These gardens are a spiritual vortex, and I retreat here often for reflection, prayer and silence in the presence of God. Nature can be a profound refuge of restoration for our soul.

Unbeatable Mind

_______________ Following an awesome workout led by the amazing Ashley Horner Athlete, I spoke to the attendees of the 2018 Unbeatable Mind Planning Retreat on the importance of gratitude, encouragement, and the development of a Warrior’s Heart. Later in the...