I had such a great time joining my friend Ryan Munsey on the “Better Human Project” podcast. I had an opportunity to discuss my faith, and the inspiration behind my new book The Warrior and The Monk.

I was super humbled by Ryan’s gracious introduction! Check out the show for the full story and inspired conversation that Ryan and I shared.

Properly introducing Greg Amundson requires a mental gymnastics effort that parallels the physical prowess one might expect from a founding athlete of CrossFit who’s performances garnered him the nickname firebreather.

On the surface, the ex- DEA Special Agent is one of the founding athletes of CrossFit, owner of CrossFit Amundson, an international speaker and the successful author of Firebreather Fitness, The Warrior and The Monk, and several other titles.

Beyond the resume exists an extremely caring, energetic human full of passion for life and all of it’s possibilities.

We had the good fortune of spending a few hours with Greg in the Better Human Project RV outside of his gym in Santa Cruz, California. ~ Ryan Munsey

Listen to the show HERE.