“You are my lamp, Oh LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light” (2 Samuel 22:29).

God wants to turn your darkness into light. When you spend time basking in the presence of God, His light will envelop you. In the presence of God, you will experience the sensation of lightness in two distinct ways.

First, as God lifts heavy burdens from your weary shoulders, you will feel lighter and more full of energy. You realize that with God’s help, you do not need to work as hard.

Secondly, as God illuminates the space within your mind, the quality of your thoughts will be brightened. Your perspective will change, and you will begin to see everything through the lens of optimism and positive expectancy. As you spend time with God, He will push back the darkness around you, and fill you with His invincible light.

Stay focused on the LIGHT!