Is it possible to add up a bunch of negatives and still get a positive?

In the physical and material world, the answer is “No.”

In the Kingdom of God, the answer is “Yes.”

The Law code places a series of prohibitions upon us by instructing us what NOT to do. Don’t sleep with another person’s spouse; Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you; Don’t always be wanting something that you don’t already have, don’t take someone’s life … And any other “don’t” that you can possibly think of.

That leaves us with a lot of what NOT to do. So the question remains: What DO we do?

And herein we apply our spiritual mathematics. When we add up all the “Do Not” of the Law code, we discover the sumtotal is “Love” and in this sense, all the negatives do in fact result in a positive.

In other words, when we love God and love others with all our heart, we fulfill our obligation and obey the Law code in the way that the Creator of the Law intended (reference Romans, Chapter 12).

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