Books by Greg Amundson

Greg Amundson is a renowned author whose first book on relationships, Your Wife Is NOT Your Sister” has helped save hundreds of marriages and intimate relationships from collapse, and is recommended reading in several Law Enforcement academies and military institutions across the nation. In July 2016, Greg published the groundbreaking Christian Daily Devotional, “God In Me” which sold over two thousand copies in it’s first three weeks of release, and has been a source of daily inspiration in schools, churches and Military Academies around the Country. Greg and New York Times bestselling author TJ Murphy collaborated on Greg’s third book “Firebreather Fitness” which teaches Greg’s unique approach to holistic and integrated fitness for the mind, body and spirit. “Firebreather Fitness”, published by Velo Press, includes a forward from New York Times bestselling author Mark Divine. Greg’s multi-category Amazon #1 bestseller “The Warrior and The Monk” includes a forward from SPARTAN Race Founder and New York Times bestselling author Joe de Sena.