Episode 23 “Spiritual Warfare – Part II”

Show Notes: Episode 23 Spiritual Warfare – Part II [0:00:00] Welcome to The Greg Amundson Show. This is a podcast where Greg will educate and inspire you to live with purpose, passion and a burning desire to develop strength in your mind, body and spirit....

Look Forward

The Bible reminds us to keep looking, searching and reaching for what lies ahead. When you believe in God’s Word, the future is always bright and full of promise.

Episode 22 “Spiritual Warfare” Part I

Show Notes – Episode 22 – “Spiritual Warfare” – Part I  [0:00:00] Hello, friends. Welcome to Episode number 22 of The Greg Amundson Show. I’m so blessed, so happy, so grateful to welcome you on to the show today. I’ve got a fantastic message in store...

The Ocean

I’ve always felt at home in the ocean, and love the sport of open-water swimming. There’s something magical about exercising outside, in the sun, especially in Maui!

Maui Police Department

I had an awesome day training with these warriors from Maui Police Department during the CrossFit Law Enforcement Application Course. I love the “Aloha” spirit these Officers brought to the course, and their commitment to developing a strong mind, body and Spirit....