"Greg Amundson's method of biblical coaching has put me into the best shape of my life, physical, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually."

— Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero
Six Time World Champion Professional Boxer

“Coach’s spiritual teachings have been instrumental in my fight game, and Jiu Jitsu victories. He has helped me tremendously with my mindset and personal belief. Osssssss.”

— Nathan “The Champion” Mendelsohn
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt – World Champion BJJ Fighter

“Greg changed the game for me with fitness coaching and Yoga, and especially mindset and personal belief. In all my UFC fight camps, Greg’s was the most effective at preparing me physically, mentally and spiritually.”

— Gray “The Bully” Maynard
Professional UFC Fighter

“Greg and his teachings embody the Tao Athlete, the one we should all strive to become. I am confident I will become a Warrior and ‘Pillar’ because I have great teachers like Greg to show me the way.”

— Erin Cafaro
Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist in Women’s Rowing

A graduate of Western Theological Seminary (MA Ministry and Leadership) GREG AMUNDSON is among the Nation’s forefront authorities on self-leadership and integrated wellness practices. Greg’s new Discipleship Method of Integrated Coaching (D-MIC) program is an intensive 6-month program that integrates your mind, body and spirit for optimal health, happiness, and performance in every area of your life. 

The D-MIC program includes all of the following opportunities:

  • 6 Monthly Front Sight Focus, Goal Setting, Positive Mental Attitude and Warrior Mindset Zoom (or Skype) training calls.
  • Weekly accountability spot checks.
  • Specially tailored “VICTORY” training plans designed to propel you into the best physical conditioning of your life.
  • Holistic Nutrition Programming (HNP) to ensure that the “physical” and “mental” nutrition you consume is life supporting.
  • Action plan assessment to ensure the BIG goals of your life, ranging from fitness, to relationship, to entrepreneurship, to business, and everything in between, are focused and in alignment with God’s universal laws of success.
  • Integrated Coaching to help ensure you are focusing on what matters most.
  • In person (Santa Cruz, CA) or video review and coaching of key exercise techniques to ensure proper alignment, range of motion, and points of performance are understood and applied.
  • Pastoral Counseling to help navigate the various seasons of life.
  • Review and exposition of key theological principles for a comprehensive understanding and application of God’s Word.

    Greg is currently offering the 6-month D-MIC mentorship program in addition to hourly coaching.


    The intensive 6-month D-MIC program is available for $3,700. As an added bonus, you will receive a free copy of Greg Amundson’s books Victory! and The Warrior and The Monk. 


    You can also schedule hourly coaching and mentoring sessions with Greg.